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Next Steps

Meetings Resumed
While the state guidelines have allowed us to meet again for a few weeks, we continue to take cautious steps towards resuming our life together as a congregation. For the present, we will resume meeting at 9am for Sunday morning worship. For more details about our service and safety precautions, click here.

Caring for One Another
I encourage you to continue connecting with one another and taking the initiative to encourage one another. If you are struggling, connect with your Community Group or get in touch with the pastor. As our ability to meet with one another in various contexts increases, we want to be careful and responsible while also growing in our love for God and one another!

Giving Reminder
As we are not meeting routinely on Sunday morning, we also wanted to take a moment to remind you to give. At a time when we see people hoarding – trying to protect and preserve themselves – God has called us to instead be generous. He has entrusted this earth and all that is in it to us, but it is, ultimately, His! The Father gave what was most precious to Him, His own Son, in order to die for our sins. He has given to us abundantly beyond all that we could possibly ask or imagine! He is a benevolent and generous Giver! So, we give.

First, we want to remind you to continue your regular giving to The Quechee Church. This supports the ongoing work and ministry here in the Upper Valley and around the world through our missions support.

Second, please consider giving to our Benevolence Fund, which supports local community care, both inside and outside the church. This is vitally important right now! As we see needs sprouting up around the community, we want to be positioned to extend a loving hand of support to those in need.

Give here: http://www.quecheechurch.org/home/give/.

Core Value #9: Christ Causes Us to Look Outwardly
In this strange and tumultuous time, let us refresh ourselves on our foundational commitments as a church!
We value displaying the beauty of the gospel, both individually and corporately.
Evangelism is not simply one thing we do, but it permeates everything we do. It is who we are. We treat non-Christians with respect, remembering what it is like not to believe. We treat non-Christians with hope, remembering what a grace-miracle our own faith is. We consider virtually every public event – video conferencing too – to be something we do “before the nations” (Psalm 67), and we expect to be “overheard” by many friends who do not believe or who don’t know what they believe. We seek not only to equip and motivate every member into an evangelistic life-style but also corporately to display the gospel in the way we live together before the watching world (Matthew 5:14-16).

A New Beginning

The Quechee Church is a historic place of worship located in the heart of Quechee, Vermont. We welcome the entire community to experience Christ-centered, applicable Biblical messages, a vibrant mix of old and new music, and a friendly atmosphere. Join us and find a diversity of people, young and old, married and single, families and young couples, committed believers and spiritual seekers all working to grow in their understanding of Christ and their service to others!

In 2015, the congregation of Quechee Community Church faced a decline in church-goers and financial hardship. After exploring many options, they decided to close their doors and sell the building. The remaining members of Quechee Community Church saw their beautiful, late-1800s church as a central part of the village and longed for its legacy of Christian ministry to continue in Quechee. In 2016, members of the Quechee congregation approached the elders of Christ Redeemer Church with the possibility of stepping in and purchasing the building as a possible church planting or church revitalization opportunity.

Christ Redeemer Church purchased the property in June 2016. Since that time, volunteers and contractors have participated in maintenance and upkeep of the building. The building has also been used for community Bible studies, Vacation Bible School, and other community events.

Since 2017, a new congregation has been worshiping together and growing in this historic place, with services every Sunday morning at 9 am. For more information on our services, click here.

If you would like to be involved or receive updates on activities offered at The Quechee Church, please email us at 

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